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4RF Aprisa QJET 4 Port E1 Card

Aprisa XE: maximizing spectrum use and making challenging long distance links possible.

The QJET is a quad port 2 Mbit/s E1 / T1 digital interface providing unframed (G.703) and framed (G.704) interfaces.

Unframed (G.703) E1 is typically used for transport of an entire E1 / T1 over the radio link.

Framed (G.704) E1 / T1 timeslots can be cross connected to:

  • Any other E1 / T1 timeslot on any other E1 / T1 interface providing transport, timeslot rooming and drop and insert functionality.
  • Analogue interface cards providing digital trunk interface connection to PBX and telephone exchanges.
  • QV24 interface cards providing synchronous over sampling circuits.

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Aprisa XE Point to Point Digital Microwave Links Author: 4RF Date: 14/10/2013 Description: Aprisa XE Interface cards