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Our Leading Communications Keep Operations Moving

Directing shipping traffic, coordinating loading and unloading of cargo and maintaining a secure and efficient maritime environment requires a responsive radio management system.

Queensland Communications' two way radio solutions support leaders of port and maritime operations to keep things moving. From cranes, containers, ships and trucks – our digital two way radio network infrastructure bridges the most challenging environments to enable continuous pit to port communications.

We are trusted by Queensland's maritime sector to deliver:

  • Two way radio solutions for port authorities
  • Two way radio solutions for docks and harbours
  • Two way radio solutions for vessel traffic controllers
  • Two way radio solutions for sea rescue

Contact our Brisbane digital mobile radio technologies team to find out more about how we can deliver greater efficiencies and safety performance for your port operations.

Affordable digital two way radio systems for port communications in Queensland

As a partner of The Orion Network - Australia’s largest national digital two way radio platform – we provide the maritime industry with access to the latest voice and data technologies without the enormous capital outlay.

Our scalable pit to port communication platform enables you to:

  • Ensure ground level voice clarity without interruption from cranes and straddles
  • Create private talk groups for crane operators and nominated dock workers to allow simultaneous communications
  • Improve utilisation of containers by optimising loading and unloading activities
  • Communicate work orders in real time – maximising utilisation and reducing the margin for stoppages
  • Access, create and dispatch real-time information in the field
  • Creation of fleet maps to maximise utilisation and improve site efficiencies for major work groups
  • Increase staff safety with duress capability and GPS locator software
  • Trigger an emergency duress alarm, including an automated ‘man down’ alarm that is set off when a radio is tipped over, or left stationery for an extended time period