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Putting The Infrastructure Behind Critical Social Services – Digital Two Way Radio 

When providing a 24/7 community critical service, coordinated and dependable communications are a key factor in minimising disruptions and maintaining seamless information flow among infrastructure, workers, business systems, and customers.

Queensland Communications' safe, efficient and reliable two way radio systems provide unrivalled network coverage across Australia to meet the demands of the utility sector’s broad service portfolio and noisy, all-weather conditions.

Our digital mobile radio technologies are trusted by leading utilities providers in Brisbane and beyond. We have a proven track record in delivering greater efficiencies and enhancing safety performance with:

  • Two way radio solutions for electricity providers
  • Two way radio solutions for water utilities
  • Two way radio solutions for gas suppliers
  • Two way radio solutions for telecommunication services

If you’re in the utilities business, get in touch with our Brisbane digital mobile radio technologies team to find out we provide leaders in the utilities field with a competitive advantage.

Relied on by utilities leaders to keep projects on schedule

Many utilities companies have discovered the benefits of two-way radio for responsive, affordable employee and contractor communications. As a partner of The Orion Network, Australia’s most reliable digital two-way radio network, our scalable communication platform enables you to:

  • Remotely monitor and control utility services with integrated voice and data applications
  • Quickly locate and coordinate people and equipment to restore services to customers
  • Communicate work orders in real time – maximising utilisation and reducing time spent in depots
  • Maintain constant visibility of field staff with GPS location services
  • Communicate individually or with assigned work groups in the network
  • Improve delivery of work orders and reporting with real-time data transfer