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Stay Connected With Your Team In The Field – Fleet Installations Brisbane

Fixed cost communications for your mobile fleet are a reality with digital two way radio communications. Two way radio provides a competitive option to traditional fleet communication methods such as smartphones and tablets. Providing significant business advantages, our fleet focused digital two way radio solutions in Brisbane offer businesses huge efficiencies and safety enhancements including location tracking, fleet routing and duress features.

From our secure, fully accredited two way radio service centre in Eagle Farm, Queensland we have capacity to design, build and install custom radio communication solutions and networks for any size workforce or fleet.

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Benefits of digital two way radio for fleet management Queensland

  • Fixed communication costs per user per month
  • Optimal street level network coverage across challenging CBD environments
  • Availability of multiple talk paths providing flexibility to operators, drivers, depots, supervisors and mechanics
  • Ability to establish pre-defined voice and text messages between drivers and control centres
  • Ability to locate the nearest driver and pre-plan routing
  • Access to TRBOnet - a fleet management application – providing direct visibility of vehicle locations, speed and status
  • Capacity to inform registered customers of changes to services via text message and on-board displays/ announcements
  • Ability to remotely reprogram and upgrade radio terminal software


Onsite two way radio fleet installation and maintenance Queensland

If your fleet is located in a regional, or a hard to get to location, our two way radio field maintenance team in Queensland will happily travel to you to install and optimise your fleet communication system.  Queensland Communications' two way radio specialists operate to the highest levels of occupational health and safety standards both on-and-off site, and are willing to take part in any site induction processes required.

If you’re seeking to achieve greater efficiencies from your two way radio system and ensure it’s reliability – we recommend establishing a scheduled field maintenance program.