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Buyers of 'Grey Radios' Putting Business Operations At Risk

Australian companies looking to cut costs by buying grey market Motorola Solutions radios should be wary of the “false economy” this practice creates. There are potentially much more significant and costly business complications which arise.

Buyers of these products should be fully aware that no local warranty from the manufacturer exists and the process for receiving support may be ambiguous when it’s needed most.

Bypassing authorised sales channels means customers are limited to the service and support terms of their reseller, which excludes them from the support available anywhere in Australia and New Zealand from Motorola Solutions’ extensive network of authorised partners.

Although every Motorola Solutions radio carries an international warranty, this is only valid from the device’s country of origin. Since grey imports are sourced outside Australia and New Zealand, buyers of these products are restricted to international warranty claims, often at their own expense. They also need to take the extra step of working through their reseller, who may or may not be acting as a third party on behalf of the grey importer.

With further separation from the customer, the chain of support becomes longer and more complex, costing time, money, and in some cases slowing down your business until the radios are repaired and returned. Compare this to businesses that buy from authorised resellers who have immediate access to the local Motorola Solutions team.

The validity of this international warranty may also be voided as grey radios in Australia and New Zealand typically have their original serial number tampered with, which can make it both impossible to confirm the radio’s point of origin and if it is genuine. The international Motorola Solutions entity in either of these instances would refuse any warranty claim.

Another drawback is missing out on Motorola Solutions’ exclusive extended warranty and maintenance plan, Service from the Start Essential (SFSE). SFSE extends the standard warranty on Motorola Solutions radios from one to five years, includes full cover for everyday wear-and-tear, covers shipping to and from the customer, and guarantees a maximum turnaround time of 10 days. This peace of mind is available from as little as $20 per radio per year.

Grey imports, also known as parallel imports, is the term given to products – mainly electronic equipment – sold via unofficial and unauthorised channels than those authorised by the original manufacturer. This list of likely complications highlights how buying grey to save on upfront costs is a completely false economy as the customer can end up paying more – in both time and money – in the long run.

Motorola Solutions Australia stands behind all of its authorised partners and does not provide service or support for any “grey” radios within Australia and New Zealand.

From potentially putting unsafe equipment in employees’ hands, putting your business operations and finances at risk and missing out on wider benefits including safety and productivity enhancing apps and service support – grey radios just aren’t worth the risk.

Radio owners concerned about the genuine nature of their radios or who wish to discuss this practice are encouraged to contact a Motorola Solutions channel partner or Motorola Solutions directly.

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