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Aprisa XE Link 400-470 MHZ Link

Distance engineering - The long haul wireless link of choice in over 130 countries.

The Aprisa XE is a highly stable platform, achieving the greatest possible system gain, capacity and distance, without degradation of signal performance. Receiver performance is optimised to mitigate path interference and distortion, maximising link availability. All this performance is packed into a robust chassis that operates reliably despite temperature and environmental extremes.

If you have an obstructed path, a need to link over long distances in a single link, or are struggling with challenging environmental conditions or harsh terrain, the Aprisa XE can overcome these problems.

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Aprisa XE Datasheet Author: 4RF Date: 14/10/2013 Description: Aprisa XE Datasheet
Aprisa XE Technical Overview Author: 4RF Date: 14/10/2013 Description: Aprisa XE Technical Overview